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Frequently Asked Questions


What pain relief is used?

The use of an anaesthetic injection prior to the procedure is used and has proved to
provide excellent anaesthesia. This will be discussed with you in detail prior to the procedure.
Oral pain relief such as Panadol can be administered for comfort after the circumcision.

While it is acknowledged that there are different views in the community regarding circumcision,
there are many benefits including:

• A lower rate of urinary tract infection.
• Reduction in sexually transmitted diseases.
• The lack of need to have a circumcision later because of a tight foreskin.

It is important that both parents firmly agree to have the baby circumcised.
Factors such as your culture, religion and personal preference will be involved with your decision.

Preferably both parents should come to the initial appointment about circumcision but it is appreciated that this is not always possible.

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